Sunday, January 9, 2011

Well good morning to me!

Slept all night at the fire station, just to wake up and see that I had 6 missed phone calls... 3 from one number and 3 from another.. Then I had a voicemail... So i listened to it... "Julie, I don't know where your brother is.. he just took off." Great.... Here we go again. This voice, from a man who I had no idea who they were or their relation to my brother... Its like that.. He drags these poor people in and does tell them anything about them, until he's A)had a melt down, B)drank all their liquor, or C)needs help.

Well I started calling back numbers... 1st number was one a buddy of my brothers who he had met at the library.. This poor guy had let him live with him for a few nights and tried to help my brother get his act together... He said that last night my brother kept telling him he needed help and wanted to go to Atchinson for help... Then all of a sudden my brother left... (Did I mention the guy told me my brother had cuts on his wrists.. This was not the first time for this kind of action, so I just shook it off. ) I apologized to the guy and thanked him for trying to help and hung up.. On to the other number...

I sat there listening to the phone rang, when someone answered, stating, "......... County Jail.." Jesus H... I thought.. "Excuse me?" I asked... "......... County Jail, may I help you?" "Umm.. yes... I'm going to go ahead and take a guess my brother is in there... His name is.... " and I proceeded to give her his name. "Oh yes.. we booked him last night.. He was booked for not being able to pay his taxi fare, which is misdemeanor thief." "Fabulous I said back to her." She told me a couple of choices which ranged from bailing him out, to leaving him in there and letting him have a court date tomorrow." "Go ahead and leave him in there.. I'm sorry ma'am but I'm not bailing my brother out." She was very understanding and stated, "don't worry I understand. I've been there with my brother too." I thanked her and hung up the phone.. It'd be a few hours before I'm sure my brother would try calling me to get me to bail him out.

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